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22.2.2005. UPDATE. Finished and added a new story about destruction of Gondolin. Old story was removed.

9.5.2005. UPDATE. Added two new stories, Wigamorin neidot and Murha Rhudaurissa to the Tolkien section, in finnish, as usual. Also stories Ritarin velvollisuus and Väijytys, in the same section, have been rewritten, with new chapters added to both.

18.5.2005. UPDATE. Added three new stories, Angrenostin Piiritys, Malbethin Rinne and Paluu Pohjoiseen, to Tolkien section. Also rewrote stories Örkkien Invaasio, Seikkailu Jättijängillä and Revenian Tuho. The stories about Welden and Derhal are now complite.


Welcome to the homepage of Juha-Matti Henriksson. I was born in 1972, and became master of arts in june 2000. During autumn 2000 I entered University of Tampere, Finland, as a graduate student. My major subject is General History, and I am specialising in North American history.I wrote my thesis about the relations between US army and plains indians during the civil war, and am continuing my phD about the same theme. My minor subjects in MA studies were North American studies, Finnish history, History of Learning and Edge of Europe studies.I am also deeply interested about the political history of ancient Rome. While doing my phD minor subjects will be International politics and folklore. My hobbies are mainly floorball and literature. I am a member of international The Tolkien Society, and like to write stories of my own.

This homepage is written both in english and finnish. If the titles are in english, you can know that the contents are too, and vice versa. Mostly the material in this homepage is concentrating on Tolkien and history, and doesn`t offer much to those who are not interested in above mentioned subjects. I hope you will enjoy your stay and drop by again. And please write some nice comments if you liked something in here, or if you didn`t like something.


Irc is a short form from Internet relay chat, where people can talk with each other through their computers. Some people say I am an irc addict. Though this by no means is true (1.rule:always deny everything) I do spend some considerable time in this wonderous place. The first channel I joined in irc was #Tampere. I can also be found from help-channel #mirc, though I don`t even use mirc or understand anything about it. So please do not ask me to fix your mirc. My home in irc is #tolkien, and I am quite fanatic about the channel. See also our statistics page. Here is a story that I wrote about the channel, sort of gathering together some myths and character in there. Probably only I will find it amusing. Other channel`s I can be found from are #salibandy, #sbmr and #69. In addition I am one of the brave defenders of #Sex against the numerous wargroups of irc. I use nicks Gil and Hallas.

See also a photo of me doing the thing I like best..ircing :)

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